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Bandshell – Improve Sound Quality

You love your iPhone for many reasons. Perhaps it’s the soothing music that it offers or the retina screen that makes images be viewed effortlessly, an iPhone 5/5S & 5C makes a statement like none other. But what can make your iPhone 5/5S & 5C stand out from all other iPhones?

If it is something great that you are looking for, look no further! Bandshell® provides you with a unique range of iPhone 5/5S & 5C cases that promises to improve your listening and viewing experience. With our dual purpose iPhone 5/5S & 5C case, you can easily amplify the music and sound volume of your iPhone 5/5S & 5C without buying extra speakers or cords! People buy cases to protect their iPhone 5/5S & 5C. Here is one that will help you do much more than just protect the device you love!

You can easily watch videos and listen to music with the Bandshell® kickstand by not having to hold the iPhone or make it lean against something. Yes, your iPhone can stand on its own!

Here is how we do it:

The patented retractable sound door slides away from the back of the case to amplify the sound of the iPhone 5/5S & 5C as well as enhance the recording quality.

A Look At The Case

The Bandshell® case is made from a combination of polycarbonate and silicone. The amalgamation of the two materials mean that you get a case that isn’t just thin and smooth but extremely durable too, making it the perfect case to protect your iPhone 5/5S & 5C from falls, bumps and handling. The cases look are sleek & slim, yet designed to protect your iPhone from daily use. Why just go in for a protective case when your iPhone can do a lot more?