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Ted McNamara
Founder and CEO
TJM Innovations, LLC


With Integrated Kickstand – a Must-Have Case

Bandshell® is a new iPhone 5/5S & 5C compatible case, goes where no case has gone before: battery- and cord-free amplification that improves sound volume and quality anywhere.

The Bandshell®’s secret is a patented retractable sound door. Users will be amazed as the fashionable case is effortlessly transformed when the sound door glides from the back of the case. The resulting curvature enhances the acoustics of the iPhone internal speaker – just like how a well-designed bandshell or concert hall magnifies the sound of live music.

The Bandshell® kickstand enables the iPhone to stand by itself, giving an easy widescreen view of album covers, video, TV programs, news video’s and more. Without Bandshell®, it is often necessary to hold the iPhone or prop it against something to view the screen at the proper angle.

In addition to improving sound quality and helping users amplify music and watch videos, Bandshell® provides a convenient way to host conference calls because it can be used hands free and will project voices to everyone in the room making it easier to hear all participants. Making live recordings is better using Bandshell®, too, because its unique design allows users to capture sound better.

The Bandshell® inner shell is made of a non-scratching silicone gel that provides a soft protecting layer for your phone, while the outer case is made of a durable polycarbonate that will give the iPhone superior protection from falls, bumps and handling. The inner and outer case are molded together to provide an inseparable one piece construction.

Consumers can choose from ten colors.

About Bandshell

Based in Milwaukee, Wis., Bandshell®, is owned by Ted and Julie McNamara. They invented the unique device after being inspired to find a convenient way to improve sound quality and amplify sound when using an iPhone. Recognizing the inconvenience of other speakers that are bulky or require multiple, detachable parts, Bandshell®’s team developed a secure, convenient solution that is easy to use and carry.