BSC – iP5 Purple/White
BSC – iP5 Purple/White
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The Bandshell® case is ultra-slim, durable and improves your iPhone® listening and viewing experience. This dual-purpose case amplifies the volume and sound quality of your music, videos, podcasts, your favorite movies and programs without the need for extra speakers or cords. The Bandshell® kickstand allows the phone to stand up on its side making it easier to watch movies and videos without having to hold the phone or lean it against something.  Enjoy using your smart phone to listen to music, watch videos, host a conference call or make a live recording. The patented retractable sound door makes it happen.  With seven stylish colors, you can personalize your phone while experiencing the Bandshell® advantage.

Why Bandshell® is Remarkable:

  • Bandshell® is designed to fit the iPhone 5/5S & 5C
  • Improves sound quality and volume
  • Kickstand allows your iPhone 5/5S & 5C to stand on its own
  • Impact resistant polycarbonate shell protects your iPhone from impacts and falls along with a smooth and soft silicone gel interior that will not scratch the phone’s delicate housing
  • One-piece design slips easily over the iPhone
  • 7 vibrant colors
  • With enhanced sound quality and volume, THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!