Top 10 Ways to Experience the Benefits of Bandshell®

Top 10 Ways to Experience the Benefits of Bandshell®

  • Listen to music at the beach, while cooking, while cleaning, when having a BBQ or picnic – anywhere you need amplified volume and better sound quality
  • Listen to podcasts
  • Participate in conference calls
  • Watch movies
  • Watch videos
  • Have a group call with family and/or friends
  • Entertain kids on a road trip with videos
  • Record a concert or seminar
  • Record group messages to play back later
  • Play voice messages for friends
  • Share video’s and songs
  • FaceTime®

Top 10 Places to Use the Bandshell®

  • Deck or patio
  • Car
  • Airport
  • Office
  • Train station
  • Beach
  • Backyard
  • College campus
  • Gym or sporting event
  • Home, bathroom, family room, kitchen, anywhere, anytime.

Top 10 Features and Benefits of the Bandshell®

  • Improves sound quality and volume of the iPhone®
  • Patent-pending retractable sound door
  • Kickstand allows the iPhone® to stand on its own
  • No need to carry speakers or cords with you
  • Durable case that helps keep your iPhone® protected
  • 10 fashionable colors offer personalization
  • No need for earphones
  • Ready for travel, no special adapter plugs needed
  • No disruption if phone calls come in
  • Ideal for watching videos